Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I ate a fly.

Yesterday, while running, I ate a fly. I ran right into one of those little clouds of tiny flies, and in it went. I've been desperate to include more protein in my diet lately, so I welcomed it and swallowed it down. Well, not really. But there was not much else I could do since it was lodged so far at the back of my throat and I failed to scrape it out with my finger (all of this while running, because I was determined NOT to stop).

So anyway, I managed to do 30 minutes of non-stop "running". Hooray! I feel grateful to my body for being able to do that, since I've done no running at all in the last four months. Good ol' body. I've been such an arse to you.

I'm meeting my mum and brother in an hour or so at a coffee shop, but I have already pre-calculated the Pro Points values of some of the things I could possibly be having there. A skimmed milk flat white is 2 points. A raspberry ripple cake is 13 points, as is a blueberry muffin. If I had either of the latter, it would be halved with my brother anyway, which is what we usually do - so only 6.5 points, really.

I tried to get my Mum in on this whole Pro Points thing, because she has quite a bit to lose and has had some success in the past with Slimming World, which has a similar points system. So I thought she'd be up for it - but apparently not. Didn't seem the slightest bit interested. I guess she's going to try and do it her own way, but I just thought this would be a good way to start. Hmm. Maybe once I start losing a bit she'll be more interested.

This morning I was dismayed to see that I was back up to my Fattest Weight Ever of 205.6lbs. I did go over my 29 points allowance by 12, but I told myself not to worry, because that would just come out of my 49 extra weekly points. And I know I've been doing loads of exercise in the last few days, so maybe that's got something to do with it, too? Anyway, I ended up going to the loo a little later on (apologies), and then I was down to 204.6lbs. Excellent. That's what I'm talkin' about.

I know I'm being really silly. Poo doesn't count. And I need to stop weighing myself every day because the panics just aren't worth it. I *know* that I can't gain several pounds of fat over a 24 hour period, but every time I step on the scales and there's a big gain from the day before, I feel like everything's falling apart and I just can't do this any more. But then again, when you get those sweet 3lb losses, aw yeah. It makes it all worthwhile.

Just kidding. It doesn't. So I'm thinking I'll wait until my proper weigh-in, which is on Monday, and hope for the best. A loss of 2 pounds is all I want. I've been psyching myself up about wanting to see 203.6 on the scales next Monday. Of course, the number doesn't really excite me because it's not even in 'onederland' (ie. my weight doesn't yet start with a 1), but I just have to remember that if I can just manage to lose 2lbs a week, it'll add up eventually. I'm going to just have to chip away at this, one week at a time.

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