Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 30th

Long time no see!

I actually deleted this blog last week, but thought better of it today and was happy to see there was an 'Undelete Blog' option in Blogger. So, I'm back! I keep thinking I have to start a new blog every time I start over - when really, my weight loss journey began last August, when I started this blog at 205.6lbs.

As of today, I'm 188.1lbs, which is 17.5lbs down from my starting weight of 205.6lbs, which was 35 weeks ago exactly. That equates to a loss per week of 0.5lbs. If I'd just stuck to the plan and lost 2lbs a week, I'd be 135.6lbs now - pretty much my target weight. If I'd even just lost 1lb a week, I'd be 170.6lbs.


I'm still less than when I started, and that's the main thing.

I've enjoyed looking at some of my early posts on here, including my Food Lists of Shame. I can't believe the stuff I used to eat. Not that I'm some healthy food goddess right now - I'm only just getting into the swing of things and it's a daily struggle to not pig out.

Anyway, the main thing I'm excited about is that as of today, I AM NOT OBESE! WOOHOO! I haven't been just 'overweight' since 2011, so I'm thrilled! Onwards!


  1. Welcome back! Onwards indeed!

  2. I just followed your blog! I am new to blogging and am also working on losing the weight. It's a battle!

  3. Sooooo it has almost been a month. I hope all is well and that you are lower. Come back to bloggy land! It helps. :)