Monday, 29 October 2012

Week 9 Weigh-In Result!

I didn't quite manage to lose the 3lbs I put on last week, but I did lose 1.4lbs. So that's something. My weight is now 196.6lbs.

I know I said I was really determined to do well last week, but somehow things didn't go to plan. I'm blaming it on stress from coursework - I mean, I have been stressed out from coursework - but I know it's not really an excuse. I know lots of people with lots of stuff going on, but they're still managing to find the willpower to watch what they eat. I just keep asking myself, why am I so weak? Don't I want this? I think it's because in my brain, I keep going from one extreme to the other - being too harsh on myself and then rebelling against it because I'm so sick of telling myself NO all the time. So I end up saying yes quite a lot.

It's not a very good excuse. I just need to get my act together.

I've got a new strategy this week - I've already planned out all my food (and have made an allowance for alcohol at the Halloween party on Wednesday) and if I can stick to it this week, I think I should have a much better result on Monday and I'll be back on track. I'm mainly having stir-frys with turkey, lots of vegetables and brown rice for dinner this week. It probably doesn't sound great, but man, it's good. Really filling and satisfying.

I'm feeling good about this week, and I'm confident that I'll finally get below 195. I know at this point I'd usually do my Food List of Shame for last week - but it's just more of the same bad food choices. You know what I'm like (see previous posts). But this week, I'm really determined to stick to my food plan - no more sneaky trips to Subway or McDonalds.

I'm glad I've got a proper plan for this week, because for the last couple of weeks I've been feeling as though I've been losing control and spiralling back towards 200. I'm done with this mini-plateau (which isn't even a proper plateau because it's basically just down to me eating too much) - and I'm ready to start dropping the weight again. Yeah. I'll have a treat when I hit my 20lb goal of 185.6. 11lbs to go!

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