Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Week 4 Weigh-In Result!

Written last night:

I lost 3.2lbs this week! My current weight is 199.6lbs.

That means I'm in ONEDERLAND. I've had so many nice comments on MFP today. I almost feel a little bit guilty, because maybe some of them don't realise I've only lost 6lbs and so I was never very far off from being in Onederland. But hey, it's a milestone, and I'll take it!

So, in the last four weeks, I've lost 6lbs in total. That's awesome. Granted, over half of my month's loss was in the last week, but I don't want to start analysing things too much. It's 6lbs gone, and I'm really happy.

I was planning on sticking to 1700 calories a day last week, but it ended up being more like 1500. Maybe that's too low - I have no idea. But I felt comfortable eating that amount of calories and it gave a good result, so I'll try it again this week. If I can stay under 200 for next week's weigh-in, I'll be really pleased with how things are going - I don't mind if I don't lose as much. I just want to stay in Onederland.

I don't really have a Food List of Shame to share with you from last week, because really, I did pretty damn well. I did have fish and chips once - but that's about it. Pretty good, eh?

In light of my momentous victory on the scales today, I've been thinking about a certain dress I bought back in June. I'm desperate to wear it, but it's a couple of sizes too small. Last time I attempted to try it on, I could barely get it on. I had to hold off trying it on tonight, because I know that it wouldn't fit yet. But it's an exciting thought - perhaps in a couple of months it will fit. I also tried on some skinny jeans today, but unfortunately I looked like a massive potato with two diddly little legs poking out the bottom. I try to be kind to myself when I'm trying on things, but really - I'm still just way too hefty for skinny jeans. Way too much belly, that's the problem.

Written this morning:

So, I decided to try on a few things today, including the dress I just mentioned, and I think you could just about say that I had a couple of NSVs. (Non Scale Victories, just in case you were wondering!). Here it is, when not filled to capacity by me:

It's got little foxes with bushy tails on it, or something. They're really cute.

Anyway, I decided to take some photos of me wearing it at my current weight (which was 199.6, as of yesterday), for future reference. Last time I tried this on, I could barely get it to cover my legs because the fabric was so tight around my body. This time, it felt more comfortable wearing it, although the fabric was still pretty tight around my belly and obviously I won't be wearing it in public any time soon. But I could get it on with much less effort than last time!

Notice how when it's hanging up on the door, the fabric looks all nice and loose and flowy. And on me, it's pretty much pulled right all the way round me. Aw man. I still have a long way to go. BUT AS LEAST I COULD GET IT ON!

Secondly, I tried on another dress of mine. It's supposed to be the same size as the one above (UK 16), but it's actually much bigger. I've worn this one out in public before, but always with a black cardigan on top because I'm embarrassed of my arms. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on, I can definitely see a change from when I last wore it, back in May/June.

Two things I've always been self-conscious about:

1. My Diagonal. This is the diagonal line of my side profile that goes from my chin to my body, bypassing any evidence of a neck. (See photos number 3 and 5...) Unfortunately, from experience, I know that this is one of the last things to go when I lose weight. I won't be expecting to be rid of it until I'm about 140-150lbs, at least...

2. My arms and shoulders. BUT: when I tried on both dresses today, I immediately noticed that my shoulders looked a tiny bit more angular, and my arms looked less flabby. Now, I slacked off on exercise all last week (no exercise at all, to be precise), but seeing the change has really motivated me to get back into it. Kettlebell workout tonight it is! It is so, so worth it. M and I are planning on signing up for the gym, and I really want to start going as soon as possible so I can start pushing myself harder.

Anyway, after trying it on today, I think I'd actually consider wearing the second dress out with no cardigan. It's a bit of a bold step for me, because I know my arms are still pretty big (especially when they're just down by my side). I wish I could just walk about with my hands on my hips all night, but I think it would be a bit weird...

Here's a photo from Center Parcs a couple of weeks ago. This was the Treetop assault course thing - not sure if I mentioned it before. Anyway, here's me, mid-swing, looking all awesome.

I look like I'm going to make it, but actually my left leg failed to land on the platform, then my right leg just about made it but my left was dangling and while trying to get my left leg up, I whacked it HARD on the edge of the platform and got a massive bruise! Ah, good times. The rest of it was really fun, though. :D


  1. Well done on your loss, thats amazing! I also love the dresses, and that action shot of you!

  2. Huge congratulations on reaching onederland! :)

    P.S I'm so jealous that you went to Center Parcs, I love it there!! What one did you go to?

  3. what a great post :)
    I love it!


  4. I love the dresses! The print is very pretty on you.

    I think we all have areas we are self-conscious about. For years, mine was my arms and stomach. They are still my self-conscious areas but not as much as before. Ahhhh, constant work in progress ;)

    Have a wonderful new Month!

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss; great job! I'm your newest follower and was hoping that you would check out my blog and follow me back if you like it!