Saturday, 1 September 2012

Protein shake at midnight

Oh my. 'Scuse me. Protein shake burp.

Yes, it's just gone midnight and I only just had my protein shake. I spent the whole day dreading doing my kettlebell workout, and then wondering if I would do it at all. It was only when M, who is becoming increasingly beefy, started preparing to do his kettlebell workout about an hour ago that I knew I had to do it. You know you have to try and step it up a bit when your husband only weighs about 7lbs more than you, and you know the gap is closing all the time...

Here's my kettlebell. It's only 8kg, which I'm starting to find a little too easy for my arms. M's kettlebell is 18kg, I think - so there's not much chance of me upgrading to that any time soon.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that today has gone very well. I finally managed to get through a day sticking to my points allowance! I've realised just how difficult it is to keep to 29 points when you don't make good food choices. Yesterday's breakfast at McDonalds was probably about 15 points. Just for breakfast, which was barely any food! But today was much more tolerable. For dinner tonight, we had the most enormous plate of stirfry with brown rice, turkey and lots of vegetables, and I don't think it could have been more than 12 or 13 points. Pretty, pretty good. We've been eating stirfry a lot recently. M is absolutely sick of it, but to me, it's absolutely delicious. It's so nice to know that just for once, I am eating something for dinner that is actually properly healthy. There's no doubt about it. And it tastes really good. I'm sure I'll get sick of it eventually, but for now, I'm really happy with our dinners. I get the feeling I'm going to have to learn how to cook it all on my own soon (usually we make dinner together, but M does the actual... cooking), because I don't think he can take many more turkey stirfrys!

Tomorrow there's the challenge of surviving a Sunday dinner at my parents' place. Mother has also informed me that there will be homemade apple crumble with Cornish clotted ice cream for dessert. Little does she know that I will insist upon dishing my own bowl up, so there's no way she can dump a quarter of the entire thing in there, like she normally would...

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